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medieval, mediaeval (a.): Relating to the middle ages or the period between the 8th and the middle of the 15th century. --medievalism, mediaevalism (n.): The spirit or the principles of the Middle Ages, or the devotion to them. --medievalist, mediaevalist (n.): One versed in or devoted to the history, culture, art, or study of the Middle Ages. --medievally, mediaevally (a.)

  1. [Charles W. Nelson - medieval-renaissance English lit specialist]

  2. [The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies]

  3. [EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents From
    Western Europe

  4. [Medieval Studies Text, Image, and Archival Databases]

  5. [Internet Medieval Sourcebook]

  6. [The High History of the Holy Graal]

  7. [Medieval Studies at Purdue]

  8. [The Middle English Collection at the Electronic Text Center, UVa]

  9. [THE Infimae Aetatis PAGE]

  10. [The Medieval Science Page]

  11. [On-Line Text Materials for Medieval Studies]


  13. [A Journal of Medieval & Renaissance Studies]

  14. [Medieval & Renaissance Europe -- Primary Historical Documents]

  15. [Medieval Studies]

  16. [Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage]

  17. [Sir Thomas Malory (ca. 1405-1471)]

  18. [ARGOS - Limited Area Search of the Ancient and Medieval Internet]


  20. [The Canterbury Tales Project]

  21. [Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Washington & Lee University]

  22. [Medieval/Renaissance Wedding Information]

  23. [Middle Ages]

  24. [Internet Medieval Sourcebook]

  25. [Medival Academic Discussion Groups]

  26. [Castles of Britain]

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